We've helped thousands of Homeowners receive an average of 50% more money than if they handled the claims themselves.

Public Claims Adjusters in New Jersey

All of our claims adjusters are licensed by the State of New Jersey and are experienced former insurance company adjusters with construction experience.

We work for YOU and NOT the insurance company. We know what you are entitled to. We identify ALL of your damages, even damage you're not aware of. A properly adjusted claim receives the Best Settlement.

2 reasons Homeowners have problems with their claims:

  • They do not describe or present their claim properly.
  • They unknowingly settled on repair estimates that do not reflect all the damage.

Most insurance companies are demanding more work from fewer employees. This means that your claim is not getting the proper time or attention it needs, resulting in an underpayment or even a denial.

Call today at 732-341-4063 for a Free "no obligation" claim review.

We will tell you upfront whether or not we can help you. If we handle your claim, our fee is based on a small percentage of your claim after settlement with NO "out-of-pocket" cost.

Did You File Your Insurance Claim Correctly?

So your home in New Jersey was damaged by a flood, storm or other natural or man-made disaster and now you have to file an insurance claim. But, do you really want to battle your insurance company for the money you deserve? Have peace of mind knowing your claim will be handled properly by working with NJ Public Adjusters in New Jersey.

Formed in 2007, our adjusters have more than four decades of experience in handling claims. Work with claims specialists who have helped numerous residents get the money they deserve without the headache of dealing with an insurance company by calling NJ Public Adjusters in Beachwood and Toms River, NJ today.

Ensure Your Claim Is Getting the Proper Attention

Many times, insurance companies are swamped and the adjusters don't take the time to fully understand your claim. This, as well as improperly filing your claim, can result in denial or underpayment. Rest easy knowing your claim will be handled properly so you get the best settlement by trusting NJ Public Adjusters.

Once you call our claims specialists, we'll listen to your situation to determine if we can help before scheduling an appointment at the damaged property. We'll assess everything with your claim and present our findings to the insurance company while negotiating if needed to get the best settlement. If you're ready to get the money you deserve without the aggravation of handling your claim yourself, hire NJ Public Adjusters in Beachwood and Toms River, NJ.

Contact us today at 732-341-4063 to schedule your initial consultation with our claims specialist.

Work with Adjusters Who Focus on Your Satisfaction

At NJ Public Adjusters in Beachwood and Toms River, NJ, we understand how stressful dealing with the insurance company can be. That's why we work hard to deliver superior insurance claims assistance and unmatched customer care.

Regardless of where you are in the claims process, NJ Public Adjusters in Beachwood and Toms River can help.


Our adjusters work hard to get you the maximum amount for your insurance claim


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We've helped thousands of clients to settle their claims and move on with their lives

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